2017 Conclusion

Another fantastic year here at Charter Controls!

At the back end of 2016 we sent out our customer satisfaction survey like we do every year. This is partly to keep up with the ISO requirements but mainly because we love to hear what you all think. 

We believe that all feedback is positive feedback. If it is perfect then great, keep it up. If it isn't perfect then we need to try harder and if it is not so good then we know what to try differenly. As it turned out our feedback in 2016 was pretty amazing. Here are the results.

Product Range92%
Quality and Reliability95%
Customer Service97%
Delivery Performance94%
Technical Knowledge96%

Along with these results, there were also comments. We have published some of these comments on our About Us page.

After evaluating these results and comments we noticed that something that was letting us down was our product range. Our customers wanted to see us offer an increased offering so we did just that!

Image Image Image

This year Charter Controls added three new manufacturers to their offering.

Esbee Electrotech manufacture a very high quality range of plastic push buttons, actuators, LED indicators, tower lights and more. EYC manufacture a high quality and sophisticated range of signal converters and Fairford are pioneers in soft starts who's technology is used by leading brands in their own soft starts.

If you would like to submit some feed back to us then we would be more than happy to recieve it. You can either fill out our customer satisfaction survey on our website here or you can submit a short write up on our Trust Pilot profile.