Filter Fan airflow calculator

Here is a list of our current stocked models and their airflow levels.

Model NumberAirflow (m³/h)External Size
LK323725-35m³/h116.5 x 116.5mmLink
LK323865-85m³/h148 x 148mmLink
LK3239105-126m³/h204 x 204mmLink
LK3240-P220-240m³/h254 x 254mmLink
LK3240-M230-265m³/h25 x 254mmLink
LK32431150-1350m³/h323 x 323mmLink
LK3244580-700m³/h323 x 323mmLink
LK32451150-1350m³/h323 x 323mmLink
If what you are looking for is not here, please get in touch with us.