Green Screen

A meeting without meeting

November 28th 2019. our MD left his hotel in Bristol in plenty of time for a meeting in Llaneli – so he thought. Approaching Cardiff the satnav recommended a diversion off the M4 due to congestion.

By the time he re-joined the M4 east of Cardiff he was running late and fuming. For the rest of the journey he kept thinking, ‘there has to be a better way’, and he wasn’t thinking of a better way to Llaneli.

After some thought and a couple of calls to Murray, in the office at he had a clear vision of the way forward. It’s now developed, refined and proved!

Meet ‘Green-Screen’

In most instances we now no longer need to travel to you for a sales meeting.  Green-Screen also works for product training and technical support.

Every customer visit costs companies with reps on the road at least £150. They often sit in traffic jams being unproductive while their cars pollute the atmosphere. A cost to the employer and a cost to society.

So why ‘Green Screen?

‘Green’ because it reduces pollution, ‘Screen’ because we share our office PC screens with you in your browser via a secure on-line tunnel. You can see our screen, we can’t see yours. There is also no remote control feature so it is total safe. Webcams are also optional if you would still like the “face 2 face” approach.

Green-Screen is a ‘by invitation’ process arranged at a time that’s convenient for you. You get an email with a unique link, click on it and you’ll see our screen with our website loaded.

While chatting on the ’phone, we guide you to products you identify as of interest and (here’s where it gets more interesting) we send you free samples of products of suitable products – why shouldn’t we? we’re saving at least £150 by not visiting you and we’ll share some of that saving with you. You’ll also get a quote.

By pure coincidence Charter Controls has developed a ‘SALES MEETING WITHOUT A MEETING’.

What better time to put it in to practice than during the COVID-19 crisis.

We’re happy to say that the company our MD visited in Llaneli is now a good customer

On his way home to Hastings there was an accident on the M25 shutting the northern section both ways, so the southern section was a nightmare. He arrived home after 22.00 tired and totally fed-up!

Green Screen was in development the following day.

If you would like a Green Screen meeting then please get in touch with us.