Haloblaze Limited Heat Shrinking Technology

A nice “touch”

Haloblaze Limited specialising in heat shrink tube processing technology contacted us some time ago about a panel mounted digital timer. This was to be used to operate their machines for a set amount of time from a single press of a foot switch.

We recommended our V7DFTS3 multi-function timer which they installed and were very happy with.

With a new requirement to upgrade the V7DFTS3 multi-function timer capabilities, Haloblaze once again came back to Charter Controls for advice. After examining the request for increased programmability, Charter Controls recommended our HMI touch screens from WECON and this is where a new project began.

It was then a case of discussing which features could be added and finding a cost effective solution of changing from a single timer to a full PLC and HMI system. The products selected were our PR-12DC-DA-R from Rievtech and the LEVI350T from WECON.

After some weeks of backwards and forwards testing and retesting, the new fully working bespoke HMI touch screen software was ready for installation. Following successful installation and very happy customers, Haloblaze have now upgraded all of their heat shrinking products to include the PLC & HMI combo from Charter Controls.

It was a pleasure working with Haloblaze because they knew exactly what they wanted and their expertise in graphical design came in very handy when designing the screens, buttons and program layout.

Since then, Haloblaze have purchased many systems from us with much more in the pipeline. We look forward to working with Haloblaze again on their next project.

Here are a couple of videos showing the all new MTP-4 from Halobaze in operation.