Keeping it cool with Linkwell from Charter Controls

In recent years many professionals in the electrical industry have observed that enclosure cooling requirements have been compromised in order to cut costs. Accumulated heat generated inside an enclosure by products including, but not limited to Contactors, Drives, Power Supplies and Transformers can result in the enclosure overheating, often exceeding the rated operating temperature of some products. This will reduce life span, stable operation and functionality. Climate change is also exacerbating this phenomenon.

Malcolm Greenhill the Managing Director of Unipower UK Ltd, trading us Charter Controls has made it his mission over the past 30 or so years to provide the electrical industry in the UK with great quality control panel products but at competitive prices. Acting as a sourcing agent Charter Controls is not a distributor in the traditional sense but a manufacturers agent who import and sell to the Controls and Automation Industry either directly or via specialist Control Gear Distributors, and re-exports via major UK based global distributors.

In many cases our manufacturers are the OEM’s for global brands that you may already be using.

Continuing with our successful growth we are now extending our product offer with a range of Fan Filters and Thermostats manufactured by Linkwell. Stocks include a range of sizes with ingress protection, IP54 rating and 25m3/h to 1350m3/h of air flow volume capable fans and their corresponding exit filters. The innovative design includes a quick-release filter access latch with embedded LED indicator which indicates power and normal operation of the fan, enabling maintenance to identify normal operation from a distance. The quick-release latch allows the filter to be changed in seconds. The Fan Filters are moulded in RAL 7035 colour UL rated self-quenching thermo plastic that can be OEM coloured and labelled in higher quantities. All the fans and thermostats carry CE and RoHS certification as per EU norms.

Linkwell Thermostats are compact, simple to mount and have a wide setting range of 0-60oC with high switching capacity. Models include NO or NC contact options for regulating Filter Fans and Heat Exchangers or for switching signal devices when the set temperature limit has been exceeded. The thermostats are also available in a compact, 17.5mm wide size, useful where space inside the panel is limited. The compact range has a snap action thermostatic bimetal sensor and fits on 35mm rail (EN60715) mount. Linkwell also offers double thermostats in a twin housing with NO and NC contacts, individually adjustable temperatures enabling the user to set heating and cooling functions independently from each other.

For further information please visit our website to see our full, quality control panel offerings.

As companies are increasingly looking at smarter purchasing to try and reduce costs involved in sourcing products now more than ever is critical to purchase good quality products at a lower price without undermining the required service levels. Charter Controls would be happy to supply a sample for quality testing purposes.


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