LED Indicator Quality Comparison

Charter Controls “Breakdown” and comparison of LED Indicator Quality.

With the imminent arrival of our first delivery from Esbee for LED Indicator, Push buttons and Switches, we decided to break down a couple of different samples to compare the build quality and components used by different manufacturers.

Chinese Product                                                       Esbee Product

Immediate observations.

Dropper resistors ‘float’ on Chinese product and are soldered directly to thin terminal plate.
ESBEE product uses Resistor + Capicitor dropper giving high immunity to voltage transients and all components are mounted on two UL rated PCB’s

Diffuser and Screen of ESBEE product domed giving wider angle of view.

Sealing gasket on ESBEE twice as thick and wider.

LED Comparison

Chinese Product                                                               Esbee Product

Component Comparison

Chinese Product                                                                               Esbee Product

Terminal Comparison

Chinese Product                                                     Esbee Product

Other Observations

ESBEE’s solid terminal connection to PCB and more robust components and construction.
ESBEE’s thicker panel seal gasket and unobscured terminal entrance.
ESBEE’s locking nut serrations and finer/longer thread giving improved panel fixing security.
Larger cooling slots on Chinese product. This is necessary to diffuse the greater heat caused by the dropper resistor arrangement.
better terminal shrouding on ESBEE product.
ESBEE domed screen (and diffuser) giving wider angle of view.


As you can see, there is a clear difference between the components used and the build quality of the two products above with the clear winner being the Esbee LED Indicator. One Scenario we have witnessed ourselves was a lorry on the M40. It had maybe 30 LED indicators between its two control panels. These panels were being bounced up and down, left and right and sustaining some shocks when hitting a pot hole. How long do you think this Chinese LED would last given that its wire ended dropper resistors float between its solder points? Eventually the solder joints will fail.

The way the Esbee products are constructed with the components being soldered onto a UL approved PCB means it is much more robust and will easily withstand this type of environment.

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