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​(R: reliable, I: innovative, E: easy, V: value-added)

A sister company of EEC (Easy Electronic Co.,Ltd), Rievtech are dedicated to global marketing and sales of PLC and Smart Relay Products.

EEC(Easy Electronic Co.,Ltd) are a leading manufacturer of automation Micro-control components, such as Micro PLC, Super Relay , Super Power, Multifunction Timers, Counter etc. We have been fast growing since our foundation. EEC also adapts its products to meet your specific application requirements. These products are ideal for applications like heating/air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, water and air treatment, waste treatment, lifting and handling, medical equipment and pump management.

We invest heavily in the areas of quality, R&D and new product innovation, EEC customers include manufacturers of machines and industrial equipment, OEMs, distributors, panel-builders, installers, system integrators.

Recognized across the industry for our responsive, flexible services; we can customize our products to match the specifications of OEMs, equipment manufacturers, distributors and integrators. We are driven by a culture of customer satisfaction. We work closely with customers to identify their exact technical and budget requirements to develop the suitable solution for their application.

Some of the company’s most popular products can be found in the our SuperRelay series. These are the latest in a generation of powerful and flexible Micro-PLCs. The manufacturing process ensures they can be offered at affordable prices, and they are suitable for replacing such devices as Mini-PLCs and multiple components, like timers, counters and relays. Today, EEC xLogic SuperRelay products are considered by many to be cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive options on the market.

EEC Electronics also have the x-Messenger GSM/GPRS PLC, a telemetry solution that calls on a broad range of CPUs, software and accessories – all designed for GSM and GPRS wireless systems, which are in turn used for tasks such as diagnostics and data logging. The recent introduction of our Ethernet and Wi-Fi based low cost programmable logic controls underlines our company’s commitment to market changes and product development!

As an innovative and fast-growing manufacturer, EEC’s strategy is founded on continuous innovation. We spend 8%-10% of our annual revenue on research and development. To cater for the stringent demands of industrial markets, EEC has also established a policy of continuous improvement through strict quality management.

EEC incorporates eco-design into its processes and ensures that we comply with environmental directives, including the RoHS regulations

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