They move a lot of air!

Charter Controls success story April 2022“They move a lot of air!” was the customers own words after installing Linkwell’s LK3243 Fans and Filters from Charter Controls. It has to be said keeping electrical control panels cool can be a challenge for many Panel Builders, particularly when multiple heat sources such as variable speed drives (VSD) are in use. In this example our customers project involved 4x 50kW VSD’s and 8x 5.5kW VSD’s.

The amount of heat produced from the VSD’s alone can be detrimental to continuous operation of the VSD and other electrical components in the panel. This kind of project would require multiple fans to keep the enclosures climate within limits. Not only does the airflow volume play an important role in ensuring the panel is kept cool but it also dictates the number of fans required. Linkwell’s LK3243 fan range delivers an impressive 1,350.00 M3/hr of unimpeded airflow thereby reducing the number of fans required compared to other fans of the same physical size available on the market. Reverse airflow is also an important feature of the LK3243’s as a majority of VSD’s tend to have a smaller fan already installed on them pulling air out of the VSD. If a normal fan was to be installed i.e. pulling air into the control panel then this would work against the VSD’s fan and cause issues in the long run. Other features and benefits of using Linkwell’s LK32 series fans include the extensive worldwide approvals, Front latch to change filter mats in seconds with an LED indicating the fans operation from a distance. Linkwell’s fans and filters are available from their agents Charter Controls –