Time Delay Relay Functions

What timing function do I need for my application?

Every now and then I get a call asking for advice on which time delay relay functions would suit a particular application. Its a pretty safe bet if you choose a good multi-function time delay relay that the function you need will be included. But what is a good multi-function timer?

A good multi-function timer would need a good timing range, maybe from 0.1s up to 100h and at least 8 time delay relay functions with a single pole changeover relay output and a zoom supply voltage of 12-240Vac/dc.

Our most popular product just happens to be a multi-funtion timer called the 1CMDT0. This is a single pole change over multi-function timer with 10 time delay relay functions, supply voltage range of 12-240Vac/dc and a timing range of 0.1s up to 100h, however it is not our best multi-function timer.

There is also a double pole change over version called the 2A8DT6. This unit has a zoom supply voltage of 24-240Vac/dc, a timing range of 0.1s to 120 days, 16 time delay relay functions and one of the output relays can be either instantaneous or delayed.

Our most comprehensive multi-function timers are the Eliro range which have digital displays. The V7DFTS3 is panel mounted with 33 functions, a supply voltage of 110-240Vac and a timing range of 0.1s to 999days.

Of course you pay a slight premium for a multi-function timer over a single function timer but sometimes it is worth it. If you have several applications using different time delay relay functions, then it may be easier for you to just keep one timer on stock. Purchasing higher quantities of one type of timer may also give you the ability to negotiate a better buying price too.

Here is a list of the timing functions from our 2A8DT6 datasheet with a description and functional diagram to help you understand the most common functions.