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General Industrial Controls (GIC) are a global class Manufacturer who are OEM’s behind well known brands including RS Components.

From their manufacturing base in Pune, India, employing 500 staff, GIC distributes their products globally via a network of specialist Distributors including Charter Controls in the UK.
GIC products are built to withstand the extremely challenging electrical environment in India, from Arctic to Tropical, with less than ideal supply voltages suffering frequent outages, electrical noise and harmonics, and a 240Vac nominal which can reach 300Vac. Yet for all of that they are extremely competitively priced.

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“I can honestly say that having sold quality European brands during the past 37 years, GIC’s products are as robust and reliable as the best. It’s not for nothing that RS Components sell 150 GIC products most of which now carry their private label and quality seal of approval.”
Malcolm Greenhill
Monitoring and Control Relays
Monitoring & Control Relays
Phase Failure
Liquid Level & Seal Leak
Earth Leakage

Signal Conversion/Isolation
Convert Industry Standard Signals between values, with gain and offset controls with 3.75kV Isolation.
Protocol Converters
Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU/Ascii,
Serial, Ethernet
Temperature Control
ON-OFF Temperature Controllers
PID Temperature Controllers
Pt100 Temperature Control with Analogue output
Temperature Monitoring
Digital Panel Thermostat with temperature display
Lift Equipment room temperature monitor.</
Time Delay Relays
Single Function – Multi-function – Single voltage – Multi-voltage 100mS to 120days. SPCO & DPCO
Brown-out (Mains Restoration) Timers
More timing functions that you’ll ever need!

Intelligent (Smart) Relays
The Genie Nx is an expandable Intelligent Relay system starting at 8 inputs/4 outputs and expanding to 48i/o. Genie features analogue inputs, Timers, RTC, Time Switch, Counters, Counter Comparators, Internal Relays….
Simple Ladder Logic Programming by PC/Laptop
or Front Plate With Display or without display
Chosen against stiff competition to be the RS Logic Module.
Digital, Analogue, Totalising
Non-resettable, Resettable
Hours Run
Square, Round and Rectangular bezels
DC Power Supplies
Modular housing format
High efficiency
5, 12 & 24Vdc output
110 – 240Vac Supply voltage
Over-load and short-circuit protection
Excellent load and line regulation
High Noise immunity and low Residual Ripple
Analogue Motor Load Monitors
Digital Motor Load Monitors
Control Relays
Distributed PLC’s
Soft Starters
Hugo Muller
Digital Time Switches
Analogue Time Switches
Run Back Timers
Hours Run Counters
4.3”, 7.0 & 10.2 inch
Taiwan Meters
Analogue Panel Meters
Current, Voltage, Frequency
48mm, 73mm & 96mm
DIN Bezels
Stepper Motor Controllers
Brushless DC Servo drives
Motion Controllers