Water Equipment Show 2019

On Thursday last week Charter Controls exhibited at the Water Equipment Show 2019. The show was great and not only did we see many familiar faces but we also got to meet lots of new people too.

On our stand we displayed our pump demo which shows how our Unipower Load monitors work by measuring true power. This is the only way to truly know how much load your pump is under. By measuring voltage in all three phases and also the current the Unipower Load Monitor is able to calculate the phase angle and cos φ to work out true power in kW. Measuring just current is not an accurate way of doing this and can not only lead to nuisance tripping but can also not stop your pump when you need it to which may cause damage. To see our range of load monitors click here .

We also had our brand new range of LED indicators on the stand which are coming very soon. Esbee’s new development has not only reduced the costs of manufacturing but increased the brightness and visibility of the LED pilot lamps significantly. These should be arriving in the UK by the end of June.

Other products that were on show were pulse and elapsed time (Hours Run) counters, GIC time delay & monitoring relays, Shenler industrial relays and our brand new DC Power Supplies from Pairui and GIC.